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There is a for low testosterone

There are many elements that can affect testosterone levels in the blood and we can stop some of them such as the chronic alcohol use, the drug use like medications, steroids and sedatives, obesity, the physical exhaustion like the intense workout in gym and obviously strain. In because the natural fall of the amounts, which starts progressively in men over the age of 40, contrast, other components are irreparable. Other factors which could adversely affect the amounts of your testosterone are the existence of large quantities of iron in the torso, some sorts of stress or testicular contamination, chronic conditions like the renal failure and also the usage of medications such as steroid and several antihypertensive drugs.

It is important to understand that the highest testosterone levels are found at the age of 18. From the age of 18 to 40 the testosterone amounts remain high and following the age of 40 it's appeared a gradual but progressive decrease. The degrees of testosterone vary as the time passes and in the morning is higher, that is why there's an automatic erection and the most increased sexual excitement in men. While the erectile function was impaired by it the low testosterone levels in males happen with the reduction of the sexual desire, hair growth on the human body and the decreased endurance, power. If your testosterone level gets decrease you will observe a reduction of the muscle mass and the bone density and it may also improve the body fat, while its low levels are sometimes related to other symptoms, such as for instance poor concentration, weakness and improvements in the levels of cholesterol, e.g. view.